Littleton Seed Library is a source of seeds for the people in and around our community. Our seeds come from two main sources: seeds saved by our members and seeds we purchase or get donated.

The Littleton Seed Library is usually available in an repurposed card catalog in the Reuben Hoar Library in Littleton, MA. In 2020 we had to take online orders and distribute seeds in a controlled drive-thru operation that adhered to personal protection and distancing guidelines due to the Covid-19 crisis. That distribution is complete.

If you are in the Littleton area and willing to save seeds, please have a look at the seed saving resources and consider registering to let us know what seeds you intend to save.

If you are interested in saving and sharing seeds, you’ve come to the right place. We offer educational information, events and resources for beginners to advanced seed savers and gardeners and our members love to help new members get started.

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